Chick Losses

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I often mention to people that I don’t like to sell my chicks before they are a week old. Generally some chicks don’t hatch as strong as others and they will die within the first week despite good care. With my recent shipment of chicks I lost way more than I expected. 22 to be exact out of 85 or so shipped to me. 95% of those were bantams (Silkies) or Polish which are smaller and therefore more fragile. I’ve had people ask if I will order chicks from this hatchery again. Of COURSE. It isn’t their fault. I know shipping day old chicks is hard on them. They have to be transported in trucks and, even despite the postal services best intentions, can be subject to temperature changes. Catching a draft will especially cause issues. I’m a little sad because I lost almost all of my polish and they are sold out for the rest of the year. Next year, however, I will be reordering.

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