The Wyandotte is a beautiful and useful breed that was named after a Native American tribe prevalent in parts of upstate New York and Ontario, Canada. They were first named American Sebrights but this was changed to Wyandotte when they were admitted into the APA Standard of Perfection in 1883. The Silver Laced Wyandotte was the original color recognized. Their origins are uncertain but the Wyandottes are thought to have been developed from the Dark Brahma and Spangled Hamburgs, as well as other breeds. Since the development of the Silver Lace, many other varieties of Wyandottes have also been bred.

The Golden Laced Wyandotte originated in Wisconsin and was produced by mating Silver Laced Wyandotte females with a cross-bred Cochin-Brown Leghorn Cockerel, while the Buff Wyandotte was originally said to be a light colored Rhode Island Red.  The original Buff lacked type and color, but they were the foundation of the Buff variety we have today. (source Wyandotte Nation)

Breed Standard: Wyandottes have a rose comb that is fairly flat and has small rounded points. These are smaller in the female. The face, wattles and ear lobes are bright red. The neck hackles of the cock are full and flowing and the tail is carried at a 40 degree angle. The Wyandotte is a friendly and calm breed that is cold hardy. They are not good flyers. The hens are good mothers and egg producers. The eggs range in color from light to brown. They are an excellent dual purpose bird and mature fairly quickly. They are quite big, weighing about 6.5lbs for the hens and 8.5lbs for the cock.

Our Flock: We currently have 1 hen in our barnyard flock and 3 pullets we are growing out. Pictures coming soon!

  • Type: Standard
  • Egg Color: Brown
  • Egg Size: Large
  • Egg Production: Very Good